FGL Advantage

Expertise & Experience

FGL has over 50 years of experience in the Plastics industry. Completing numerous projects in a multitude of industries with customers around the globe has allowed FGL to gain an unrivaled expertise in custom molds.

Design & Consulting

FGL is prepared to consult with customers at the product design phase. Combining expertise in mold making with a thorough understanding of part manufacturing, FGL is committed to engineering, cost effective molds, with the highest production and part quality.

Customer Partnership

FGL is dedicated to gaining an in-depth understanding of its customers’ products as it pertains to design and production. This insight promotes a proactive design approach and facilitates details to be incorporated into our molds to meet the specific needs of each and every project.


FGL has a comprehensive range of fully integrated CNC equipment to manufacture very basic to highly complex custom molds. Design engineers utilize the latest in CAD and 3D modelling software while project managers implement effective manufacturing principles to ensure schedule, quality and efficiency is fully optimized. FGL has incorporated a culture dedicated to the attention to detail, applying meticulous reviews and quality checks ensure that all molds are machined to the highest standard. FGL has also developed strategic industry partnerships to address any unique challenges that may present themselves.

Product Life Cycle: Comprehensive Services

FGL is available at every step, from design inception, to mold manufacturing and maintenance through potential mold design revisions. FGL provides services through design and engineering, program management, testing, maintenance and onsite technical support. Our project managers are available throughout every stage of the project, and act as a key interface between our customers and FGL departments. FGL is capable of providing comprehensive services for the entire life of the mold.